is skilled in the areas of weight loss, building lean muscle mass, core strength, triathlon training, kettlebells, and corrective exercise for injuries. Since than I have presented or been already accepted as speaker at several conferences and I would like to continue to share my knowledge with you. This blog will serve also as my blog post for my DIY wood working projects, which I really enjoy. Læs nærmere her, telefontider, mandag.00-12.00. Background, mS-Human Performance, rD (Registered Dietitian bS-Exercise Physiology/ Kinesiology. For my girls I created a bunk bed. Currently I work for Aurea Software as Java Chief Software Architect. Dole is one of the worlds largest producers and marketers of high-quality fresh packaged fruit, with revenues of approximately.5 billion. I also have an MsC in Computer Science from Babes-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca. Torsdag.00-12.00, fredag.00-12.00, lørdag, lukket, søndag. This was the journey that introduced me to hold a speech in front of an audience, and I liked it, so after that I started holding tons of workshops for my fellow colleagues. Later I created a bookshelf. About 4 years ago I was asked to teach our inexperienced developers Spring Framework.